Roof and Maintenance Cleaning Time

As we approach the holidays, remember with winter rain and wind, it is important to maintain and clean your roof, making sure that when it rains the water can properly flow down to the gutters and drain off. In addition, removing leaves and debris from your roof, will help you to avoid leaks.
Roof types vary, so how often your roof needs to be cleaned is dependent on your landscape area and what lands on your roof, such as fall foliage and tree branches from heavy wind. Some people do it once in the Fall and once in the Spring… others only Fall or Spring. Either way, roof cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked, especially with tile roofs, where you will need to clear valleys out or debris will make a dam effect and cause leaks.
If you have questions or would like an estimate for your roof to be serviced, please give us a call to set up a Roof Maintenance and Cleaning Program.
Happy Holidays from TK Roofing.

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