How to Spot Common Roofing Problems

It’s that time of year… the days are getting shorter and temperatures colder. Is your roof ready for winter? Your roof is intended to last for decades, sometimes as much as 50 years. To ensure your roof achieves its maximum life potential, here are some things to look for in checking for common roofing problems:

  • 1. Tree Branches: Are tree branches toughing the roof?
  • 2. Hail Damage: Check your roof vent for hail damage.
  • 3. Satellite Television Mounts: Does there appear to be damage or potential leakage due to a roof-mounted satellite?
  • 4. Asphalt Shingles Slipping: Check to ensure no shingles are slipping due to improper nail placement.
  • 5. Gutter Installation: Is the gutter properly installed? Look for the potential for water to flow over and damage shingles.
  • 6. Gutter Leaf Guards: If you have gutter leaf guards, check to ensure there is no shingle damage as a result of installation.
  • 7. Chimney Concerns: Ensure you chimney is not missing a cricket or saddle (wood framed structure that diverts water away from the chimney and prevents debris and water collection).
  • 8. Plumbing Boots: ensure your roof’s plumbing boots are not deteriorated.

Be sure to also check your attic for roof and water damage. If there are signs of water damage, we are happy to provide a free repair estimate.  Email us or call (916) 723-6960.

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